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Free online education programs about energy, climate change and green economy.

Suggested Activities (click on links):

  1. Re-Energy Challenge
  2. Energy Storage
  3. Home Energy Detective Challenge
  4. Circular Economy Activity
  5. Decoding Carbon

WildSafeBC Ranger Program

Stimulates discussion regarding wildlife and introduces students to the concept of human-wildlife conflict.

Suggested Activities (click on links below):

  1. Think Like a Deer
  2. Discover W.A.R.P. (Wildlife Alert Reporting Program)
  3. Sit-Spot Nature Observation
  4. Wildlife Attractant Scavenger Hunt
  5. Thinking Like a Bear

Read more about the WildSafeBC Ranger program.

HCTF Education


Fun and easy activities to support remote teaching and learning about BC’s biodiversity.

Suggested Activities (click on links):

  1. Spring Scavenger Hunt
  2. Forest Scavenger Hunt
  3. Seed Diversity Activity
  4. Backyard Biodiversity Detectives
  5. Biodiversity: the Spice of Life!

Earth School

Quests for students around the world to celebrate, explore and connect with nature.

The Nature of Nature:

  1. The Nature of Water
  2. The Nature of Biodiversity
  3. The Nature of Air, Weather, and Climate
  4. The Nature of Oceans
  5. The Nature of Plants & Forests

Global Outdoor Classroom Day

Resources to help you get children learning outside.

Activity Ideas:

  1. Take a nature bag or basket on walks and collect natural items like pebbles, fallen leaves and feathers.
  2. Play a game of outdoor bingo – who will be the first to spot a black bug, a brown bird or a white flower?
  3. Make a nature wind chime out of twigs, pine cones, shells and anything else you can find. Hang it where it will catch the wind.
  4. Use old pots and pans to concoct mud pies and garden soups! If you have the space, create a little mud kitchen in the corner of your garden or yard.
  5. Make a nature crown out of twigs, fallen leaves and other natural materials. Check out the Outdoor Classroom Day Pinterest board for more nature dress-up ideas.

View a full list of resources!

CornellLab K-12 Education

With birds flocking back to the Kootenays, these hands-on activities are designed to explore nature and science with a combination of indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you’re a teacher who needs to share easy-to-implement content with your students, or you’re a parent striving to best engage and educate your child at home, you’ll find these materials relevant and fun.

Recommended Activities:

  1. Basics of Bird ID
  2. Flight & Migration
  3. Bird Behavior
  4. Exploring Diverse Birds
  5. Life Cycles: Nests & Eggs

Wildsight Education at Home

Ideas & inspiration to get outside and learn from our wild backyards.

Click on the following links for recommended activities:

  1. Sit Spots 
  2. Nature Journaling
  3. Tuning In
  4. Earth’s 4 Spheres
  5. Homeschooling the Wildsight Way
HCTF Education

BC Get Outdoors Handbook

Activities and support materials for outdoor learning.

Recommended activities outlined in this resource:

  1. Sensory Wake-up: Page 42
  2. The Alphabet Hunt: Page 46
  3. The Adjectives Hunt: Page 46
  4. Colour Walk: Page 48
  5. Family Treasures & Cultural Connections: Page 56

5 Minute Field Trips

Teaching about nature in your own backyard.

Recommended activities outlined in this resource:

  1. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Pages 6-7
  2. Sound Map: Page 9
  3. Make-a-Park: Page 12
  4. Nature Words: Page 15
  5. Student Sundial: Page 28

Green Thumbs

Wildlife-friendly Gardening for schools or students at home.

Suggested Activities:

  1. Leaf Rubbings
  2. Wildlife Friendly Gardening Colouring Page
  3. Microhabitat Projects
  4. Fairy Garden
  5. WILD Spaces

Science World Education Activities

A searchable directory of excellent science-based activities for all ages.

Recommended activities (click on links):

Wild Voices Online

Recordings of 1 hour online presentations for students on topics ranging from wildlife, to permaculture, to climate action, and more!

Suggested presentations:

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