2020-21 Take Me Outside for Learning School Year Challenge

Through this year’s annual challenge, 295 educators in British Columbia School Districts 5, 6, 8, 10, 19, 20 & 51 have committed to taking their 7000+ students outside to learn at least one day/week!

At this time in particular, outdoor learning is important as it provides better opportunities for physical distancing while offering a broad range of physical and mental health benefits for both students and teachers.

All participants are also taking part in the Canadian Take Me Outside for Learning Challenge!


The Bottom Line: NAAEE Environmental Education Research Bulletin

Place-based and community-engaged environmental education can empower students to exercise greater civic agency related to sustainability. This type of experiential pedagogical approach can inspire environmental action, not only among students, but also in surrounding communities. One effective way of engendering successful and sustainable community engagement is through partner organizations that focus on aspects of local, pressing environmental issues, such as river pollution. The combination of place attachment and collaborating with a local group may foster meaningful knowledge and action outcomes for environmental education participants.

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