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Thanks so much for being part of the KBEE ‘Stories of Inspiration’ project.  We are putting together a compendium of curricular ideas and resources to highlight exemplary practice in outdoor, environmental and place-based learning and to support your colleagues in following your lead!

We’ll synthesize all entries and compile an Inspiration Book for the 2017/2018 school year.  The goal is for these pages to consist of action-ready lesson plans, teaching methods and activity ideas.

In order to make data collection and idea presentation efficient and effective, we’re attempting to create some standard fields. If you find that your activity doesn’t fit at all into the structure supplied below, please email us your guiding document for inclusion.  Please note that we are also very happy to receive worksheets, graphic organizers, assessment rubrics, etc. that you are willing to share, as well as external resources (as long as they are properly credited).

Questions? Please email us at online@kbee.ca

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Please Note
You can save your progress by using the “Save” button at the bottom of this page. To retrieve your data, simply refresh the page. This is a great option if you need to step away from the computer for a while.
Still, we recommend creating your content offline and copying any blocks of text to the online form. If your internet cuts out or there’s any disruption to your connection, all content could be lost. We appreciate the effort you’re making!
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